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A lesson in photography at The Murray Hotel

The Certificate in Interior Design (Commercial) students were very excited to be invited to discover the interior of the newly renovated Murray Building. The purpose of the visit was to learn how to take photos of architectural and interior spaces.

This historic landmark, originally a government building located in the heart of Hong Kong, was built in 1969 and has been remodelled into a luxury hotel. The original architect of the building, Ron Phillips, recompensed with numerous awards for his energy efficient design, had been invited to participate in the restoration of this hotel by Foster + Partners. 

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I was excited to apply what we have learned in class into practice in a beautiful interior like The Murray
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Michelle Miu, Public Relations Manager of The Murray, took the students on a guided tour of the hotel. We were very impressed by the views from the rooftop restaurant, the suites bathed in natural light and the surroundings of the lobby with their spacious terrace and arches.
“This building has a lot of stories to tell. When you arrive, you are not sure if it is a hotel or not, but you feel welcomed.” Michelle comments.

Commercial Certificates students

The Murray Hotel facade

Suite at The Murray Hotel

Trying to capture the perfect shot

Internal shot of The Murray's luxurious bathroom

Teacher Natasza sharing her tips

View from The Murray Hotel outdoor terrace

Insight School teacher Natasza then began her photography workshop and gave a practical demonstration of how to take amazing photos of interiors. Here are Natasza's top 4 tips:

1) Frame before you shoot 
Shoot straight and use the lines of the furniture as a framework to get a professional result. Symmetry is naturally agreeable for the eye. Also, do not hesitate to use a tripod to keep vertical lines straight and to avoid a blurred photo. 

2) Shoot with a natural light 
This is one of the golden rules for shooting interiors. Make sure that all the other lights are off and you will see how much more beautiful the final result will be. 

3) Shoot in RAW mode
Like the name indicates, the RAW mode delivers untouched photographic data. Using it, you will have more control over your final image when you edit it, which will deliver a nicer photo.

4) Style before you shoot 
“When you take pictures of interiors, you are not only the photographer but also the stylist”. By that, Natasza explained to her student that you need to move things or objects around so that you get the perfect shot. 
Following the shoot at The Murray Hotel, the students were then tasked with refining their photos using Photoshop.
“I was excited to apply what we have learned in class into practice in a beautiful interior like The Murray Hotel” Sherley, one of our students commented.