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The importance of freehand drawing courses in Interior Design

3D hand drawing can open new perspectives

Enrique shows our student how to hold the pencil

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It helps you represent your ideas or concepts in real time.
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In our highly computerized era, freehand drawing can be seen as an unnecessary skill. Insight School of Interior Design’s teacher Enrique tells us why freehand drawing is so important in Interior Design.

Freehand drawing is a powerful tool

It allows you to communicate with an international “language” that surpasses conventional languages. Freehand drawing visually supports and enhances your dialogue with clients, colleagues, contractors and contributes to instilling confidence. It helps you represent your ideas or concepts in real time. Freehand drawing can add tremendous value to your work as it brings more personality to your final visuals.

Freehand drawing is within your reach

Eliminate your fear of drawing! There is no good or bad drawing. The only bad one is the one you have not done… Like sports, you have to learn the technique and practice regularly in order to master the craft. No need to be an artist in order to become a designer. Just exercise your sense of proportion or scale.

Tips from the expert

“Educate your eye, look very carefully and do not worry about the time it takes to elaborate the drawing. Let yourself be inspired by the lines, volumes and colors that the Hong Kong skyline has to offer. Draw with your entire body.” During freehand drawing courses, Enrique shares with Insight School students the importance of drawing using more than two fingers. Students should establish a connection between body and mind. For example the position of legs and arms is also important. Just like tennis, one has to pay attention to his/her grip but also to his/her posture in order to hit the ball to the other side of the court!


Enjoy, have fun and practise over and over!