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Craftsmanship honoured at Insight School: Atelier Brugier

12 panels Coromandel lacquer screen.1693.China

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Lacquer technique has evolved since then and few studios master its every secrets like Ateliers Brugier.
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At Insight School we want our students to have their eyes open to the world of craftsmanship. So we asked Nicole Brugier, owner of one of the most renowned lacquer workshop in Paris to give a lecture to our lucky students.

Lacquerware takes its roots in China more than 3000 years ago. From the 17th century, cabinets, chests and screens were imported to Europe. Lacquer technique has evolved since then and few studios master its every secrets like Ateliers Brugier.


The Ateliers restore pieces of furniture for private collectors (pieces from Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Jean Dunand or Eileen Gray). Museums like the Louvre, Musée des Arts Décoratifs or the Château of Versailles also feature in their customer base.


Their knowledge and lacquering expertise have led famous interior designers such as Peter Marino or Herve Van Der Straten to require their services for custom made pieces of furniture or wall panels.


Ateliers Brugier are most famous for works with Coromandel screens. A Coromandel screen is a Chinese wooden folding screen coated in dark lacquer that is carved before being painted.

The famous fashion designer Coco Chanel was an keen collector of Chinese folding screens, especially the Coromandel, and is believed to have owned 32 folding screens eight of which were housed in her apartment in Paris.


Last July, Insight students had the opportunity to discover Nicole’s Brugier Ateliers in Paris during our “Paris design trip”. They met the craftsmen who shared their knowledge with them.


Thanks to its links to key industry players, Insight school of Interior Design is proud to offer both an inspirational and practical learning environment !


Nicole Brugier was in Hong kong to present the extraordinary twelve panels Coromandel lacquer screen at Fine Art Asia, a leading international fine art fair. A growing number of Chinese collectors are now casting their eyes on these treasures.