My vision was to create a school that
could equip Interior Designers with a
creative mind and practical skills arming
them with the right set of tools to pursue
a successful career in the design industry.

The interior design sector is booming in the region, but there are too few interior designers who are properly trained to meet the needs of the market. After many discussions with local professionals in Hong Kong, I realized that there is a pent-up demand for interior designers that design firms are struggling to meet.

In order to address this growing need, I decided to open an interior design school inspired by the institutions I attended in Europe but tailored to the Asian market. Hong Kong is the perfect place for a school like INSIGHT. It is a thriving, energetic and diverse international city, the modern day crossroads of East and West.

My goal is to create a learning environment that will be inspirational as well as practical.

INSIGHT offers the students a full-year intensive program. They are given thorough training and are exposed to multiple networking opportunities. I have lined up an incredible international array of talents with a wealth of experience in both Europe and Asia.

Top international visiting lecturers working for renowned clients such as Cartier or Hermes bring an international perspective and global exposure to the school. Students are equally mentored by dynamic local talents looking to train well-rounded designers.

By the end of the course, students will have all the tools they need to tackle the design industry:

An eye trained to travel, hands on experience and a solid portfolio.

For people already in the industry as well as curious amateurs seeking some additional training in a specific field, we created a series of short vocational courses (1 or 2 days, evening and Saturdays) on specific subjects such as: Lighting Design, Small Space Design, Kitchen and Bathroom design & 20th century Masters of Style.

INSIGHT aims to bring the best and brightest in the Interior Design industry, including architects, craftsmen, project managers and decorative arts specialists, to share their knowledge with our students, the next generation of successful design professionals.