WIN - Wheelock Internship Program:
A 3-month, overseas Interior Design Internship

At Insight school, we believe in more than just inspirational classroom learning. Our students are exposed to real projects with real clients, applying lessons to practical industry experience. This is why we’re pleased to announce our merit-based, 3-month, overseas interior design internship by Wheelock worth HK$ 60, 000 — an incredible opportunity for one lucky Insight Diploma student.

Insight School Diploma Student Hong Kong

Starting in June, 2016, the student will work at a selected European firm, focused on Interior Design. The WIN internship isn’t solely about developing relevant skills, but about truly embedding outstanding students in a challenging professional environment as they chart their way towards an exciting career in Design.

Submission Requirements

  • The internship beneficiary should be a Hong Kong graduate, completing a diploma course at Insight School.
  • The candidate must have successfully completed either 6 portfolio projects for the 2014 diploma student intake, or 3 portfolio projects for the 2015 Diploma student intake.

Apply for our Diploma today program to stand a chance to win!