Interior Design Diploma

"Everything is focused on real-world teaching, we meet with clients, we interview them, learning what they want and apply it to our design before we present it to them at the end of the project." Jessica Cheng

Kathryn Brady
Part-time Certificate

"I absolutely loved the course. Not only did it challenge me but I learned so much from the experts and my peers."

Julian Shiu
Full-time Certificate

"I was a former banker and chose Insight to help me with my career change when I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and start my own interior design studio. The course has surpassed my expectations as I was immediately able to apply the practical lessons learned at Insight to my ongoing projects."

Sara Portuges
Interior Design Diploma

"I like the teaching method as it is very practical and you learn by working on your own projects. Also, the fact that the groups are small so that you get a lot of attention from the teachers. I enjoyed all the site visits and learned a lot from them. I also appreciated very much the high-level clients that we got the opportunity to meet and work for.