Unique approach to learning

INSIGHT is the only Hong Kong institution dedicated exclusively to Interior Design. This focused and specialized approach ensures a very thorough and focused curriculum.

All of our tutors are working professionals from renowned firms so they know what real life requirements are all about.


With our wealth of knowledge, connections and inspiring know-how, we strive to produce well-rounded creative designers.

Knowledge - Academics and experts from prestigious institutions, such as Christie’s or L’école du Louvre, will share their precious knowledge of history of styles and give the students an excellent contextual framework to better understand the industry today.

Connections - We have strong ties to the local and international industries with tutors and visiting mentors working in world renowned retail, hospitality and design firms and therefore offer great networking opportunities for our students.

Know-how - The school focuses on artisan expertise, and students are shown craftsmanship excellence and Savoir Faire via atelier visits, craftsmen lectures and skills demonstration.

Our inspirational Materials Library, with its selection of quality finishes and textiles, will help to fine-tune your sourcing abilities.


practical skills

No more students glued to their computers or simply copying from design magazines! Students will be equipped with a large spectrum of practical skills:

  • You will meet contractors who will share their knowledge of the field and the tricks of the trade.
  • You will meet project managers and learn how to transfer a drawing into a working design
  • You will understand how to draft budget specifications and schedules.
  • You will visit building sites and see it all happening.


At INSIGHT we believe in preparing students for real life challenges.

You will be introduced to real clients and will be trained around 5 real life projects (residential, hospitality, retail, office and conservation), and you will be marked partly by these clients as in real life!

Prospective employers will appreciate that students have an informed understanding of how the interior design industry works, making them an indisposable asset in the workplace.